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Opportunities can be presented now, especially with family or your home in some way. The powerful energy of the Sun will move to your sign later in the month, and something or someone fabulous and unexpected can come through, particularly as the full moon is opposite in your love zone. This energy gives you a chance to review and renew your relationships or clear out people from your life who are not good energy for you. Watch for connections this month, people and situations can come together unexpectedly.

Venus, the love goddess, moves to your sign this month and as such, it's a great time to focus on relationships. Opposition between the Sun and Neptune can put pressure on friendships and your love partner. Things may not be as they seem, so you will need to delve a little deeper to find the truth about a matter. Family matters, in particular, get your attention this month, and what happens next can provide a great deal of insight.

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Put time aside to reflect and gain clarity as to what you want to do next. The sun in your career zone for most of the month, along with the energy of the new moon, indicates a new start at work that is exciting and fulfilling, and one that will take you forward on solid ground. This is your year to bring your dreams to fruition, and almost magically, people can reach out to help you be successful. With love, the energy of the full moon can either kick start your love life, allow you to work on solutions for old issues, or present a new opportunity in some way, which can often occur from closing off a part of your life.

Your life can take off now in a big way. Stay the course, do what you do best, and keep your eyes on the end result. With motivational planet Mars moving out of your sign and into your money zone again, you are cautioned to avoid impulsive spending. On the other hand, a favorable interaction between Mars and the sun can be the rocket you need to set your career and bank balance on fire.

Your career zone is hot with activity. This is your time to progress, Capricorn, and there is no time to waste on things that are not your highest priority. Set goals and have a big vision. When your vision and purpose is large, you can easily overcome any obstacles along the way.


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With love, a development can come out of the blue. The full moon highlights family and home environment, where you can make changes that are more suitable. And the new moon supports your vision and soul purpose for love, money, and career. With Mars back in your sign, you can expect to be busier than usual. To make this progress, you do need to get organized.

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Otherwise, you can end up just spinning your wheels. Venus will move to your career zone and spend the rest of the year there. The energy can connect you with people who can help you move forward with your plans. The full moon in your area of communication warns you not to be tempted to say the first thing on your mind.

Think before you speak. The energy this month can provide you with realizations about where your life is heading and with who.

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Planetary interactions during the month highlight the importance of building friendships that are positive and not negative. Fresh beginnings are on the horizon with new moon energy in your love zone. Leading up to this time, it would be advantageous for you to revisit or start a love list. To attract the love you want, you first need to know what that is. Mercury, the communication planet, will move to your love zone and make it possible to have a deep and meaningful conversation with a friend or partner.

Your social zone is also hopping with activity.


Mars and Jupiter will present you with opportunities and a social gathering could lead to a significant introduction to someone. Get organized so nothing important falls through the cracks. If you have questions, visit JenniferAngel. Jennifer Angel , Jennifer Angel. LEO: The decisions you make this month can mean good news for your finances.

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Now is the time to set your career path in motion. It's not necessarily a bad thing to be a straight shooter in relationships. The problem is, Sagittarius is brutally honest and often goes overboard with real talk, according to Angel. With this sign, you have to be ready for truth, which can be revealing but hurtful and insensitive. If maintaining a relationship is hard work, Capricorns are more than up to the task.

They're diligent and take their responsibilities seriously. They do tend to lack spontaneity, though, which makes them a bit of a killjoy around their partners, Angel said. The relationship remedy: "Capricorn, look at the big picture: life is about balance! It takes a while for an Aquarius to open themselves up to love -- and once they're in a relationship, they often come across as emotionally detached. As an air sign, it's their way of sorting things out in their mind, perhaps to develop their next ingenious idea. Pisces are footloose and fancy free but have high-minded ideals about relationships.

This makes commitment somewhat difficult for this sign, Angel said. It can be difficult for these idealistic romantics to commit to a plan," she said. News U. HuffPost Personal Video Horoscopes. Newsletters Coupons. Follow Us. Getty Images. The relationship remedy: "Aries, just think before you speak. The relationship remedy: "Gemini, ask more questions than you answer. The relationship remedy: "Leo, be a team player in your relationship.

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The relationship remedy: "Libra, endeavor to live and let live in love. The relationship remedy: "Scorpio, be transparent with your intentions.

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The relationship remedy: "Sagittarius, take time to edit your words. The relationship remedy: "Aquarius, be upfront and if you need space, say so.

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